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I progettisti di Ventiltecnoful - Abbattitori di fuliggineVentiltecnoful has a very long experience (27 years!) in the production of soot destroyers.

As we possess a proved technical experience, we also have the know-how regarding the air technology applied to environmental ecology. Ventiltecnoful has a team of designers who are always searching for innovative solutions in order to place our products more and more in the forefront of their field and to make them meet more and more the legitimate demands for a cleaner air and a healthier environment.

Ventiltecnoful's workers - who are already fortified by a proved experience in the field of destroying the noxious particles in the air - are continuously upgraded in order to acquire more and more specific skills for the soot destruction.

Abbattitori di fuliggine

Una sezione delle officine Ventiltecnoful - Abbattitori di fuliggine

The technologically most advanced equipment which we have placed in our shops allow our workers to express at most their ability during the production steps. The whole of the working people at Ventiltecnoful participate to give our customers the best service in every step of the process, from the project to the production and up to the delivering.

Do not hesitate to contact us calling the numbers hereunder written; it will be a big pleasure for us to give to you the more detailed information as possible regarding our products.

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