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Abbattitori di fuliggine Abbattitori di fuliggine
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In recent years the wide spreading of restaurants and pizza-restaurants  has reached in the big towns an important size. This spreading has as a negative consequence the huge quantity of polluting substances - such as soot and smells - which those places give off in the air we all breathe.

In order to solve this problem in a total and definite way it is necessary to provide the facilities with equipments which can eliminate the noxious particles

Ventitecnoful manufactures soot destroyers which are able to satisfy this need for all kind of public concerns .

UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 certified firm  

All products are in conformity with the regulations

Certification "Registro Imprese Camere di Commercio"

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Ventitecnoful has its business premises in Naples and manufactures directly soot destroyers with simple functioning or automatic operating.

Do not hesitate to contact us calling the numbers hereunder written; it will be a big pleasure for us to give to you the more detailed information as possible regarding our products.  

There are already many customers who have been satisfied with our soot destroyers; our professionalism and skills have been to their service as they would be at yours!

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