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Ventitecnoful's soot destroyers have a automatic functioning.
Thanks to the great production, the optimization of the human and technological resources and some economies of scale we are able to provide to you very efficient soot destroyers to extremely competitive prices.   Our soot destroyers, which are suited to satisfy every need of soot destruction, are particularly suitable for restaurants, pizza-restaurants and breadmaking ovens.
The materials which are used to manufacture our soot destroyers are of the best quality so that our products have assured a very long life which is always at the top level as for performance and working order . We use only stainless steel for their production.
The manufacturing of a Ventiltecnoful's soot destroyer have a very large number of control steps which are carried out by qualified technicians.
If one product does not pass one of the control steps carried out during the manufacturing, it does not pass on to the next production step until some suitable actions are activated which allow it to pass the test which had blocked its production.
In addition to the usual controls wich are carried out during the manufacturing, a Ventiltecnoful's soot destroyer must pass a very strict test before it is put on sale : if it does not respect the criteria set, it goes back to the shop where it undergoes technical actions which can make it saleable according to the strict criteria of Ventiltecnoful.
All the Ventiltecnoful products are consistent to the deliberation N° 4102 of the 05/08/92 Service Ecology and Protection of the Atmosphere. They are necessary for the adaptation of the ovens for pizza-restaurants and breadmaking to the norms antipollution. The products are advertised on the daily papers "Il Mattino" and "Roma" and also on the famous "Vera Pizza Forum"

OUR PRODUCTS (click the icons to enlarge the pictures)

KUBIK-ASP forced draft soot destroyer for pizza-restaurants.
VENTILFUL DA TETTO for application to the inclemencies on roofs and terraces. For furnaces, pizza-restaurants, breadmaking, barbecues, spits.
TUBOFUL for inside applications, online with the chimney flue. Small measures, completely automatic, SILENT, for pizza-restautants.
VENTILFUL ORIZZONTALE for inside applications. Positioning on the furnace's roof, or with wall stirrups. For pizza-restaurants and bakeries.
VENTIL-SOOT INDUSTRY 500/8000 Soot and smells destroyer on committed of a company in Bologna
VENTIL-SOOT for applications for furnaces of pizza-restaurants and bakeries. Rendering: elimination of 100% of PM10 soot.

VENTIL-SOOT EXHAUST FAN for pizza-restaurants, spit-chicken and bakeries.

KUBIK for installations with particular block.
MINIKUBIK Soot destroyer for fireplaces and stoves. For mounting in little spaces . Rendering: elimination of 98% of soot certificate. For inside and outside applications.
KUBIK-FOOD smoke and smells destroyer for restaurants extractor hoods.
FULSTOP soot destroyer for fireplaces and stoves.
MINI-SOOT soot destroyer for little spaces .
WATER VAPOR OIL 1000H purifier in special running for industrial catering.
(Constructed on the basis of requests of a 'very important company in Milan)

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