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The soot destroyers
Some customers of Ventiltecnoful


Our services :

  • Maintenance of flues equipment in the civil and industrial field;
  • Maintenance of soot destroyers;
  • Maintenance of intake equipment in general;
  • Maintenance of ecological power plants working with activated carbon.
  • Ordinary and extraordinary certificated maintenance of installed soot destroyers.

As we have already many years of experience in this field and as we count on our strength of being also and above all producers of equipment of this kind, we have also opened a service sector, especially regarding the maintenance, as we are conscious we can be extremely useful to those who possess such equipment, even if not manufactured by Ventiltecnoful.

Ventiltecnoful has its business premises in Naples and manufactures directly soot destroyers with simple functioning or automatic operating .

Moreover, we provide services, regarding above all maintenance, but also consulting, for civil and industrial flues equipment, soot destroyers equipment, general intake equipment and ecological power plants working with activated carbon.

There are already many customers who have been satisfied with our soot destroyers and our services; our professionalism and skills have been to their service as they would be at yours!

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